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About the Book :

Handbook of Jainology expounds the fundamental philosophical tenets of Jainism which is explained in a clear and simple manner. Illustrations on the science of life, the Ajivtatva, the Navtatva and Karmachakra aids in understanding.

Designed as a textbook, it comprises of 39 chapters, with questions on comprehension placed at the end of each chapter. This book is an authentic, invaluable companion and guide for those who want to master the essentials of the Jain way of life.

The book consists of doctrines which will enable readers to pursue the path of spiritual elevation. People following other faiths who are enthusiastic to learn the philosophy of Jainism can attain spiritual awakening by studying this book properly.

The book was first published in Hindi under the title Jain Dharam Ka Saral Parichay and in Gujarati as Jain Dharm No Saral Parichay. The author, Jainacharya Bhuvanbhanu Suri who acquired the prestigious GDA degree from London was an academic genius and profound thinker."

About the Author

Jain Acharya Shri Bhuvanbhanu surishwarji Maharaja was a clairvoyant, acadamic genius, profound thinker, skillful orator and versetile writer. He acquired GDA degree from London. Has written more than 80 books of various subjects. He was renowned scholar of Prakrit, Sanskrit and Gujarati and had mastered every aspect of Indian Philosophy

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