Children Story Set English

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About the Book :
Children Story Set English

Especially for your Kids...8 multi colour jainonline children story books only for Rs. 300/-.
The set contains story about Meghkumar, Baalmuni Aaimutta, Shalibhadra , Puniyo Shravak, Kalikaal Sarvagna and many more.
A must have book set for all.

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About the Author

Jain Acharya Shri Bhuvanbhanu surishwarji Maharaja was a clairvoyant, acadamic genius, profound thinker, skillful orator and versetile writer. He acquired GDA degree from London. Has written more than 80 books of various subjects. He was renowned scholar of Prakrit, Sanskrit and Gujarati and had mastered every aspect of Indian Philosophy.

Product Details

Language :- English

Set of 08 Books

Amount :- ₹ 300.00