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Gujarati Book Book


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About the Book :

સાધુ જીવનના આચારો અને એના કારણો નું વર્ણન એટલે :- આચારાંગ સૂત્ર. એમાંથી થોડું થોડું વીણીને અલગ અલગ ૮ લેખકો ની કલમે સર્જાયેલ અદભુત પુસ્તક

About the Author

Acharya Shri Jayghosh suri Maharaja doesn't require any introduction to Jain community. Suvishal Gachchadhipati, who was bestowed by his guru with the title ‘Siddhant Divakar’ to honour and felicitate his incomparable mastery of the scriptures.
Siddhant = Scriptures; Divakar = Sun
Ask him any question related to the scriptures and the answer quoting that verse of the text would be on the tip of his tongue. Hence, Acharya Jayghosh Suri acquired fame as the ‘Mobile Aagam Library’ of Jinshasan.
In V.S. 2017 along with the huge responsibility of compiling and minutely proof reading the vast matter, Muni Jayghosh Vijay created Sanskrit commentaries amounting to 40,000 verses.
Such was the power and depth of his knowledge that Acharya Jayghosh Suri Maharaja had answers not only to questions related to scriptures, but also to contemporary issues. Hence, the entire Sangh accepted Acharya Jayghosh Suri’s decision as being the best possible solution.

Product Details

Language :- Gujarati

Paper Back 260 Pages

Amount :- ₹ 350.00

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