Religious Pictorial children story books on Great personalities of Jainism

Approximately 50 years back, Jainacharya Param Pujya Bhuvanbhanu Surishwarjee Maharaja created a series of religious picture stories for enjoyment and knowledge of children.

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This collection of Jain pictorial children story was named "Jain Jyotirdhar Chitra Darshan". It contained 29 pictorial stories of Great Personalities of Jainism like Meghkumar, Punyo Shravak, Shalibhadra, Sitaji, Seth Sudarshan, Baalmuni Aaimutta and many more.

Keeping in mind the current technological world, Jainonline have made digital sketches of those great personalities pictures and has started compiling high quality Jain pictorial children story books on "One book - one story" concept.

Those short children stories on Great Personalities of Jainism are rewritten in a language and style suitable for today's generation. The concept of Jain picture stories originally was Pujya Bhuvanbhanu Surishwarji Maharaja's thought and was his creation. Hence improved version of these Pictorial children stories compilation should also be considered as Pujya Gurudev's dream project.

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With the blessings of Suvishal Gachchadhipati Acharyadev Shri Jayghosh Surishwarji Maharaja, this Jain pictorial children story books reprinting project has received great response. Not only children but the parents are also extremely delighted to have such religious pictorial children story books.

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Various teaching institutions, Pathshalas, Doctors, Scholars, Book sellers have also approached us and taken these Jain religion pictorial children story books and have really appreciated the thought and books.